What is GEN-TFG (Global Empower Network - Technology Focus Group)?

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What is GEN-TFG (Global Empower Network - Technology Focus Group)? Empty What is GEN-TFG (Global Empower Network - Technology Focus Group)?

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"Global Empower Network (GEN)" is a group of global ambedkarites led & inspired by Ms. Vinaya and supported by many like minded people to empower the students and professionals with any voluntary support they can provide while continuing to support other activities they are doing. "GEN-TFG (Global Empower Network - Technology Focus Group)" is one of the many initiatives taken up by GEN from time to time.

Objective of "GEN-TFG (Global Empower Network - Technology Focus Group)":
To help create awareness about the latest capabilities and trends in technology and domain amongst ambedkarites so that they can scale up to become top architects, consultants, CTOs sooner than they could normally have.

Execution Plan:
1. Conduct awareness sessions on saturdays from 9pm to 10pm EST (Sundays 7.30 to 8.30am IST) on latest trends in technology & domain.
2. As like minded people show interest, conduct hands-on deep dive sessions on identified technologies/domains.
3. Try to build Cloud spaces where the interested parties can try hands-on on latest technologies.

How to get connected:
GEN-TFG welcomes all like minded people who are interested in sharing knowledge by either conducting sessions or by attending sessions. Sharing is Caring.
If you are interested in being part of the initiative, please email at gen.technologyfocusgroup@gmail.com to join the email group and/or send message (no calls please) in whatsapp @ +1-831-332-3089 (USA number) to join whatsapp group.
. Expect delays in response!

Sessions planned for 2018:
Topic: Machine Learning - Deep Dive Hands-on sessions - By Ramakrishna Bhupathi
Date: First session expected on Saturday 10-Feb-2018 9.00 PM EST (Sunday 11-Feb-2018 07.30AM India Time)

Sessions completed in 2017-18:
Session 5:
Topic: Overview of Blockchain & few Business Cases - By Pratab Tambe
Date: Saturday 27-Jan-2018 10.00AM EST (Saturday 27-Jan-2018 08.30PM India Time)

Session 4:
Topic: Managing Personal Finances - By Pankaj Meshram
Date: Saturday 20-Jan-2018 9.00 PM EST (Sunday 21-Jan-2018 07.30AM India Time)

Session 3:
Topic: New Trends in Quality Assurance (Testing) and Test Automation - By Jitendra Shahare
Date: Saturday 23-Dec-2017 09.00PM EST (Sunday 24-Dec-2017 07.30AM India Time)

Session 2:
Topic: Big Data Overview and few Business Cases  -  By Vilas Ahire
Date: Saturday 16-Dec-2017 09.00PM EST (Sunday 17-Dec-2017 07.30AM India Time)

Session 1:
Topic: Introduction to Machine Learning / Deep Learning / AI - By Ramakrishna Bhupathi
Date: Saturday 09-Dec-2017 09.00PM EST (Sunday 10-Dec-2017 07.30AM India Time)


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